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About Us

Welcome to Annsca Group, here you will find all the information about our group of multi-industry companies that operates in different areas ranging from Research & Development for Energy, Environment Solutions and Medical technologies.

We also have a division that operates and specialises in procurement/establishing of new advanced aged care facilities, retirement villages ready to be build for aged care operators.

Annsca Energy

Annsca Energy provides R&D solutions for the Oil, Gas and Geothermal industries with our patented WAPPS system and other new, exciting and revolutionary technologies to come.
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AGEO Resources

AGEO and AGA implements WAPPS in all geothermal operations to eliminate the leakage of hydrogen sulphide and other contaminants, which are common in geothermal reservoirs.
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Annsca Medical

Annsca Medical Pty Ltd is an Australian Technology and Medical Devices Research company established in 2018.
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Property Group

Specialising in the Aged Care development sector with multiple retirement villages sites secured across Australia plus various residential sites
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