About Us

We are an emerging Australian company developing clean energy production and environmental protection technology solutions to the Oil/Gas and Geothermal Industries.

Annsca was established in 2014, designing and developing patented clean energy extraction technologies for the gas, oil and mining industries.

With decades of experience in R&D and the resources industry, our team is committed to working with industry on innovative solutions to the challenges they face.

Our Mission

Our innovative fugitive emissions mitigation technology developed here in Australia can help efforts to reduce emissions, especially in harder to abate sectors of the economy such as mining.

Annsca has a practical approach to reduce fugitive emissions from leaking wells and mines, to not only help the environment but to support the resources industry here in Australian and around the work to continue providing clean natural gas and critical minerals needed for a successful and sustainable energy transition.

The future of energy in Australia is cleaner and cheaper energy but gas has an important role to play in the transition to get there and our innovative fugitive emissions reduction solution developed here in Australia can support the transition and help reduce emissions.

Our Vision

To work with the resources industry to develop Clean Energy Production and Environmental Protection Technology Solutions for the Oil/Gas and Geothermal Industries.

Our Values